Galactic Era is a strategy game that is as realistic as possible and has plenty of elements taken from incremental games.

From the initial planet to tens of thousands of galaxies, all explored, named by the players and their legion.

Eradicate the enemies, upgrade your star gate, establish new spacelines and expand the human territory.

The stars, our destination...


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Don't forgot to check the intro guide available in r/aallspace


Open beta (saves are preserved)

Strategy combination,  assembly warships, real battle damage.

Mining, refining, producing, complete industrial chain.

Open legion management, alliance and cooperation.


Galactic Era is still under development and bugs features are being added everyday.

It's considered by us to be a hardcore sci-fi strategy game. Unlike other game which players are just building buildings... Producing soldiers, we are different. We focus more on the strategy side and a good combination between weapons/armors is needed to break levels.

This game is mobile friendly btw.

If you encounter weird issues or want to play fullscreen, you can always access our game directly at

Actual gameplay video:

What are you waiting for? Anyways it's free, just try it!


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